New Class Introducing Software Tools and Techniques for the Telecom Industry

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A new class “Software Tools for Photonics” is being taught at the University of Arizona, having been developed by the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN), an NSF-funded Engineering Research Center (ERC) also based at the university.

CIAN’s Dr. Jun He at the university worked with CIAN industrial member VPI Systems to develop this software course.


The course helps prepare students for communications engineering by introducing them to industry recognized software packages for fiber-optic communications. Many photonics software tools are now being used by a large number of telecoms companies and laboratories around the world to assist in developing the next generation of telecoms components and systems.


The course is a one of the six new courses developed under CIAN for its MS Degree in Photonic Communications Engineering. The course is offered in the College of Optical Sciences and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering the University of Arizona, and was first offered during the spring 2012 semester.