Online “Super Course” Offers Complete Class in Photonic Communications Engineering

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A complete, stand-alone, web-based course in Photonics Communication Engineering that is appropriate for all college-level students is being developed by the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN), an NSF-funded Engineering Research Center (ERC) based at the University of Arizona.


The Super Course material is used in a new Masters Degree Program at the university, developed by CIAN, which trains students to be Photonics Communications Engineers for the growing optical networking industry. Course material in a variety of forms—PowerPoint slides, detailed texts, and recorded lectures—can be used to supplement class material at other universities, as the basis for complete courses at other institutions, and for remote instruction.


College-level material has been posted online at the Center’s web site and is available to the public for use in college courses and for self-study. Vertically-integrated hyperlinks enable instructors and students to move up and down between the levels, according to students’ ability and interest.

In addition to basic material on fiber-optic communications systems, the Super Course includes up-to-the-minute information on current topics such as intelligent optical networks, optics in data centers, the merging of data and telecommunication technology, silicon photonics solutions for communication components, and new ultra-high capacity communication links that employ coherent optics. Material has been prepared by leading experts in the field.

The Super Course expands the availability of the course material so that students and individuals anywhere have access to a course that would be taught at the best university.