Engineering Education

REE is now RFE

Research in Engineering Education is now Research in the Formation of Engineers. This revised program description updates the former REE to be more closely aligned with the Professional Formation of Engineers (PFE) initiative. RFE is intended to broaden the range of research topics in the field while remaining inclusive of topics addressed under REE. While REE was focused on how individuals learn and later on engineering education ecosystems, RFE includes these and all other aspects of engineering formation.

Please also note the change in deadline date for this fall to October 29, 2015, followed by a deadline of February 17, 2016. Starting in fall of 2016 the deadlines return to their usual times in September and January.

The full program description for RFE can be found at

Research Initiation in Engineering Formation

As a complement to RFE, Research Initiation in Engineering Formation (RIEF) seeks proposals to conduct research in the same areas as RFE, while also pairing an engineering faculty PI who has little experience in engineering education research with a co-PI who can serve as a mentor. The goal is to increase capacity for engineering education research by providing mentoring and learning opportunities for the engineering faculty PI. The next deadline for RIEF is March 31, 2016. The full solicitation is available at

New IUSE solicitation

The Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) has released the new solicitation for Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE). Deadline are this November and January depending on the proposal tier. The full solicitation is at

Dear Colleague Letter on Making

NSF has released a Dear Colleague Letter on Making. NSF is seeking proposals to conduct exploratory work in its early stages on untested, but potentially transformative, research ideas or approaches that examine the role of Making in STEM learning and design thinking. Proposals will be considered under the EAGER funding mechanism. Deadlines are December 17, 2015 and December 15, 2016. The full letter is available at