Green Energy Hub Available to Test Renewable Energy Innovations

Achievement date: 

The Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems Center (FREEDM) – a National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Center (ERC) – has developed a small Green Energy Hub (GEH) to integrate its main components, including a Gen-I Solid State Transformer (SST), a Gen-I Fault Isolation Device (FID), and an SST-enabled direct current (DC) micro-grid.


The GEH testbed is the central demonstration platform for validating the FREEDM ERC’s vision for renewable energy. The testbed includes all of the basic features envisioned by FREEDM and its physical components will be used to educate energy policy makers and the general public. From the commercial and industrial viewpoint, GEH offers the ability to engage industrial users for collaborative research efforts.


The GEH successfully demonstrates the physical integration of FREEDM’s earliest renewable energy innovations. The system integrates three main FREEDM components: a GEN-I SST, GEN-I FID, and a DC microgrid with a photovoltaics system (PV), a storage device, and a wind turbine emulator. The substation SST emulator and a back-to-back converter (constructed from commercially available components) powers the 12.47 kV medium voltage micro-grid.