ERC 2020 Kickoff Meeting videos

Note: Items in blue link to a YouTube video. Each video is about 10 minutes long. They can be viewed in any order, but all are required for viewing prior to the Kickoff Meeting. Here is a list of all the videos in YouTube.

  • Videos 1-4: ERC Foundational Components:
  1. Convergent Research (7 min 43 sec) [PDF]
  2. Engineering Workforce Development (10 min)
  3. Innovation Ecosystem (10 min) [PDF]
  4. Diversity and Culture of Inclusion (9 min 53 sec) [PDF]

October 15, 2020 Slides

  • Designing for Societal Impact_DJackson [PDF]
  • Designing for Societal Impact_GCote [PDF]
  • Designing for Societal Impact_JMontemarano [PDF]