Los Angeles-Area Utilities Brought Together to Facilitate Groundwater Recharge

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A decision-support tool that helps water utilities plan groundwater-recharge projects was the focus of a March 2017 meeting of 22 Southern California utility executives. The tool was developed, and the meeting organized, by the Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt), an NSF-funded center based at Stanford University.


The meeting brought together leaders of six major water utilities, building support for the application of ReNUWIt’s tool, and promoting a systems-level vision for enhancing urban water resilience. The tool enables water planners to make informed decisions about their options for meeting water needs using local supplies.


The ReNUWIt-developed decision-support tool facilitates the planning of groundwater recharge projects that integrate stormwater and recycled water at the same location. The combined operation takes advantage of unused recharge capacity in existing spreading basins. ReNUWIt’s tool will allow water planners to identify optimal, comprehensive system designs.

With the meeting, ReNUWIt built industry support for expanding its modeling and analysis of these groundwater recharge systems beyond the City of Los Angles to the Greater Los Angeles region that serves 10 million residents.