Strategic Planning of Research

Each ERC develops a top-level strategic research plan for all of its operations using the ERC Program’s three-level strategic planning chart (see below) that depicts how engineered systems goals guide and motivate the center’s fundamental research, enabling technology and systems research, and testbeds. The core of this plan contains the major elements involving research—that is, a research strategy that reflects and supports the ERC vision plus a comprehensive plan that:

  • Covers the three levels of ERC research (i.e., fundamental knowledge, enabling technologies, and engineered systems);
  • Identifies clear barriers that stand in the way of achieving the systems goals;
  • Identifies clear research goals derived from those barriers, by research thrust and overall, as well as milestones for their achievement;
  • Contains adequate human and dollar resources;
  • and Articulates metrics for measuring progress toward final completion of individual projects.

Strategic planning of its research effort is at the heart of what makes an ERC an ERC.