Synthetic Biology ERC

The Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (Synberc) is a multi-institution research effort to lay the foundation for the emerging field of synthetic biology. Synberc’s vision is to catalyze biology as an engineering discipline by developing the foundational understanding and technologies to allow researchers to design and build standardized, integrated biological systems to accomplish many particular tasks. In essence, we are making biology easier to engineer. Just as technicians now assemble electronic devices from commercial, off-the-shelf parts, Synberc foresees a day when synthetic biologists will design biological systems from scratch and assemble them using well-characterized biological parts, devices, and chasses. Synberc brings together biologists, engineers, and human scientists from world-class institutions to produce the tools, techniques, and scientific understanding needed to design and construct a broad range of biological tools for health, energy, environment and, ultimately, human welfare.

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