Unique Opportunities for Veterans at the Center for Neurotechnology

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The Center for Neurotechnology (CNT), an NSF-funded Engineering Research Center (ERC) at the University of Washington (UW), is actively recruiting military veterans to be researchers through the NSF’s Research Experiences for Veterans (REV) program. Several alumni of the Program have continued their work in neurotechnology and artificial intelligence as students at UW and other institutions.


The REV program at CNT is designed to create educational and research opportunities for transitioning veterans who are pursuing careers in neurotechnology and artificial intelligence. The full-time program is tailored toward individuals who endeavor to research at the graduate level and beyond.


Veterans are uniquely served by virtue of CNT’s REV program connecting their past experiences as military service members to research goals with benefits to their communities and society as a whole. The annual program lasts ten weeks and provides a pathway to careers that address spinal cord injuries and other neurological challenges.

Program participants are engaged in an experience that includes firsthand laboratory research in addition to attending lectures, seminars, and workshops. Each one is mentored by a team of a professor, a post-doctoral researcher, and a graduate student. By the end of the Program, the work they have done must be presented at a research symposium.