Veteran Undergraduate Research Scholar Excels, Extends Outreach Efforts

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Landon Mackey, a Naval Veteran, Undergraduate Research Scholar (UGRS), and Student Leadership Council (SLC) member at the Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems (FREEDM) Center—a National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Center (ERC) based at North Carolina State University in partnership with Arizona State University, Florida State University, Florida A&M University (HBCU), and the Missouri University of Science and Technology—was admitted to the Master of Science program in Electric Power Systems Engineering and awarded two fellowships. Mackey is part of the FREEDM Senior Design project to design and prototype fabrication of an advanced chemistry energy storage system for a high performance plug-in electric vehicle conversion. 


The FREEDM Systems Center’s UGRS program aspires to recruit and engage undergraduates in exploring graduate school; and, it promotes engineering education through outreach and other venues to encourage a pipeline of future engineers. Mackey empowers and sparks enthusiasm in K-12 teachers and students and other undergraduates with engineering knowledge and understanding about engineering career pathways. Through these outreach efforts, Mackey has had a profound impact on hundreds of students and teachers who’ve been present for his demonstrations and presentations.


Landon Mackey has demonstrated exemplary leadership through his efforts as a UGRS at the FREEDM Center and has had an enormous impact at NC State events such as the College of Engineering Open House for parents and high school students as well as other public events. Mackey has been involved in the Expert Classroom Visitor’s Program (ECVP), visiting middle and high schools while working on experiments with students and teachers, co-hosting external K-12 tours through the FREEDM Center, presenting at the FREEDM Information Day events, exhibiting for both FREEDM and the Senior Design project at multiple venues, and participating actively in the SLC. Once completed, the Senior Design project will be showcased for NC State and FREEDM Center promotions, and for future FREEDM distributed energy storage device research. His research also explores direct current (DC) power distribution systems related to FREEDM system concepts.