Innovation Ecosystem Resources

Title Affiliation Presenter Year
TANMS Entrepreneurship TANMS Schaffer Grimm 2021
[COVID] Impact on Entrepreneurship TANMS Schaffer Grimm 2020
Ideas2Impact Bootcamp - Creating a Value Proposition for your Research CMaT Cynthia Sundel 2020
How can we increase the economic impact of the research dollars invested every year? Cell-MET Ayse Muniz 2020
Business Planning CELL-MET Tom Dudley 2020
Reading Financial Statements CELL-MET Tom dudley 2020
Organization, Product Management, and Career Planning CELL-MET Tom Dudley 2020
Entrepreneurship & Innovation CBiRC Peter Keeling 2012
Entrepreneur Training Session MIRTHE Bernadeta Wysocka 2012
Conflict of Interest in an Entrepreneurial Environment Carnegie Mellon University, Assistant VP Anne Mathias 2012
Intro to the Organization Innovation Accelerator innovation accelerator Traci Hancock 2012


IAB Management
Title Affiliation Presenter Year
Thoughts on Building Industry Relationships: Leveraging the IAB & Universities: For Commercial Impact & PI/Student Development Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Yale University John Dexheimer 2020
Recruiting and Retaining New Members at NSF ERCs ASSIST R. Casey Boutwell 2017
Recruiting and Retaining CBiRC Peter Keeling 2017
The Role of the IAB CBBG Nasser Hamdan 2017
Recruiting and Retaining CBiRC Peter Keeling 2016
Creating Connections for our Industry Partners QESST/ASU John Mitchell 2016
IAB Retention & Recruitment TANMS Tom Normand 2016
Industry Engagement CNT Scott Ransom 2016
Industrial Membership Program and Innovation Model QESST John Mitchell 2016
Recruiting and Retaining Industry Members CSNE, CBiRC Rad Roberts and Peter Keeling 2013
Value of Conferences and Trade Shows CURENT Brad Trento 2013
Recruiting and Retaining CBiRC Peter Keeling 2013
Membership Agreements and NDAs SynBERC Peter Ackermann 2013
Role of the IAB SynBERC Leonard Katz 2013
ERC Best Practicies Manual - Industrial Collaboration and Innovation Chapter Update Elysium Holdings Erik Sander 2013
Securing the Correct Company Contact in Recruiting SynBERC Leonard Katz 2012
Articulating the Value Proposition   Erik Sander 2012
Member Account Management CCEFP   2012
CSOPS Agency Interactions (primarily FDA) CSOPS Eric Erenrich 2012
Agency Partnerships ReNUWlt Josh Dickinson 2012


ILO Summit Report or Agenda
Title Affiliation Presenter Year

2021 ILO Summit Agenda

CNT (virtual)



2020 ILO Summit Agenda




2016 ILO Summit Agenda CNT   2016
2013 ILO Summit Report EUV   2013
2012 ILO Summit Report QoLT Jim Osborn and Kristen Sabol 2012


Site Visit & Annual Report
Title Affiliation Presenter Year
Conducting Site Visits & Writing Annual Reports after COVID TANMS-ASSIST Schaffer Grimm and Adam Curry 2020


ILO Role
Title Affiliation Presenter Year
SPI and NSF Update     2021
ILO Forum CNT   2021
Role of the ILO     2013


Title Affiliation Presenter Year
ILO Mentor Chart PATHS-UP   2021
Biobook ReNUWIt Kara Baker 2021
Mentoring Update  CNT  Scott Ransom 2021


Title Affiliation Presenter Year
Achieving CCEFP Sustainability CCEFP Mike Gust 2017
Sustainability Planning for Post Graduation CURENT Lisa Beard 2017
The EUV ERC Sustainability Plan EUV   2013
Building a Sustainability Plan CIAN   2013
View from a Graduated Center (Sustainability Planning)   Erik Sander 2013
The role of the Sustainability Director CCEFP   2013
ERC Beyond NSF - Sustainability QoLT Dan Siewiorek 2012
COVID-19 Impact
Title Affiliation Presenter Year
COVID Impact CELL-MET   2021
Conducting Site Visits & Writing Annual Reports after COVID TANMS-ASSIST Schaffer Grimm and Adam Curry 2020
Impact of COVID on Conduct of Research and ILO Role within ERC CISTAR and QESST Peter Keeling and John Mitchell 2020
"Covid 19: The Great Equalizer" - ERC Member Recruiting & Engagement PATHS-UP and NEWT Chris Finberg and Ernest Davis 2020




Introduction to a Specific ERC
Title Affiliation Presenter Year
POETS POETS Karen Bender 2017
QUEST QESST John Mitchell 2017
NSF Engineering Research Center CBiRC Peter Keeling 2016
CIAN - Center for Integrated Access Networks CIAN nASSER hAMDAN 2016
Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (now CNT) - ILO Round Robin CNT Scott Ransom 2016
CURENT Overview CURENT Brad Trento 2016
FREEDM System Center FREEDM Ken Dulaney 2016
Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment NEWT Ernest Davis 2016
What is POETS? POETS   2016
Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure ILO Round Robin ReNUWlt Meabon Burns 2016
TANMS Overview TANMS Tom Normand 2016
How does nature do it? CBBG Nasser Hamdan 2016
CSU Lab Tour EUV Jorge Rocca and Carmen Menoni 2013


Funding Opportunities
Title Affiliation Presenter Year
SBIR-ERC Collaborative Opportunities (SECO) NSF Deborah Jackson (ERC) and Murali Nair (IIP) 2016
The ERC Program in NSF ENG/EEC NSF Keith Roper 2016
ILO Support for SECOs CURENT Brad Trento 2016


Title Affiliation Presenter Year
Marketing and Communications: Forming a Strategic Plan CNT Wayne Gilam 2016
ERC ILO Retreat 2016 University of Florida, Florida Engineering Experiment Station Erik Sander 2016
Industry Communications - Marketing the ERC for Sustainability QoLT Randy Eager 2013


IP and Tech Transfer
Title Affiliation Presenter Year
IP Strategies QESST John Mitchell 2013
Trends in University Technology Transfer CTTEC Tara Branstad 2012


Title Affiliation Presenter Year
Gen-4 ERC: Convergent Research and Innovation through Inclusive Partnerships and Workforce Development NSF Deborah Jackson 2020
NSF ERC ILO Biobook, Resource Repositories, & Communications ReNUWlt Kara Baker 2020
Questions for NSF NSF Deborah Jackson 2013


Additional Resources