Center for Neurotechnology

Award No. 1028725


The confluence of biotechnology and information technology--two domains that have transformed the 20th century--presents some of the most exciting new ventures in science and engineering. This emergence is particularly true in the developing domain of Neural Engineering. Broadly defined, this interdisciplinary research area encompasses the development of concepts and devices that are used to assist, understand, and interact with neural systems. The National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Neurotechnology (CNT) was formed to address the need for devices that seamlessly interact with neural systems, assisting individuals with mobility disorders. In the CNT we connect computational, engineering, and neuroscience approaches to support a rich array of research and educational efforts seeking to develop the next generation of integrated neural interactive and neural inspired systems that may be worn, implanted, or even remotely controlled. Together we are forging pathways between neural systems and devices to permit greater mobility and access for all.

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