Spinoff Company: Mobius Microsystems

Center for Wireless Integrated MicroSystems – Mobius Microsystems, a high-tech start up company founded by an ERC graduate student, became a world leader in all-silicon clock generation technology used in cell phones, USB ports, and other small computer devices and peripherals for timing computer operations.

Michael McCorquodale, a grad student at the WIMS ERC, founded Mobius, which raised over $25M in venture capital and shipped millions of units of its products based on the original research conducted at WIMS.  The company became a world leader in all-silicon clock generation technology, which is highly cost efficient and can significantly extend battery life in portable and implanted electronics.  In 2010 it was acquired by a public semiconductor company, Integrated Device Technology, Inc., for an undisclosed but large figure. McCorquodale then joined IDT as head of the division that was formed to house his former company. On August 1, 2012, a public semiconductor company licensed the silicon oscillator IP from IDT for use in its USB 2.0 ports; the company buys USB 3.0 ports from IDT which already incorporate the WIMS/Mobius technology.