ERC for the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture

Award No. 1941529


To ensure food, energy, and water security by advancing technology to increase crop production, while minimizing the use of energy and water resources and the impact of agricultural practices on the environment.  IoT4Ag unites faculty and students from the University of Pennsylvania, Purdue University, the University of California Merced, and the University of Florida with industry and government partners to transform agriculture.

IoT4Ag will create novel, integrated systems that capture the microclimate and spatially, temporally, and compositionally map heterogeneous stresses for early detection and intervention to better outcomes in agricultural crop production. The Center will create internet of things (IoT) technologies to optimize practices for every plant; from sensors, robotics, and energy and communication devices to data-driven models constrained by plant physiology, soil, weather, management practices, and socio-economics.

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