Center for Smart Streetscapes

Award No. 2133516

The ERC for Smart Streetscapes (CS3) will develop a rich ecosystem of streetscape applications built upon real-time, hyper-local intelligence to advance livable, safe, and inclusive communities. CS3 will explore five application themes: road safety and traffic efficiency, public safety, assistive technologies for people with disabilities, the future of outdoor work, and hyper-local sensing and modeling. CS3’s engineering process will begin with the study of community-specific application requirements, constraints, and sensitivities. The resulting community-inspired applications will be piloted within three distinct urban testbeds –in New York City (NY), West Palm Beach (FL), and New Brunswick (NJ)– leveraging prior federal and municipal investments. Outcomes from these pilots will catalyze a novel innovation ecosystem, drawing upon CS3’s broad network of aspiring entrepreneurs, emerging start-ups, and established companies. CS3’s work has the potential to redefine America’s streetscapes by applying a digital layer over physical urban infrastructure, ensuring that America’s cities meet the needs of local communities and that the technologies being adopted take into account critical questions regarding safety, equity, privacy, and security.

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