Chapter 7: Diversity and Culture of Inclusion

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While this chapter is part of the ERC Best Practices Manual, the DCI Leaders community would like to emphasize that the guidance within the chapter might more aptly be termed "promising practices."

This chapter takes an aspirational view in outlining what ERC DCI programs can achieve. The intent is not to set unreasonable goals, but to provide DCI personnel with frameworks, suggestions, and actionable tips that can be applied within the unique contexts of different ERCs.

Please see also the statement from NSF regarding ERC DCI (attached below).

Within this chapter, ERCs will be referred to by their acronyms. For a complete list of ERCs and links to their websites, please visit the ERC Association home page, Centers tab.

7.1.1 Why Are Diversity and a Culture of Inclusion Important in ERCs?
7.1.2 Evolution of the Focus on Diversity in ERCs
7.1.3 The Data: ERCs vis-à-vis National Averages
7.1.4 NSF ERC Program Statement on DCI
7.1.5 DCI Community of Practice

7.2.1 ERC DCI Program Expectation
7.2.2 DCI Program Management
7.2.3 Strategic Planning
7.2.4 Developing a Budget
7.2.5 Role of NSF

7.3.1 Recruiting Goals and Strategies
7.3.2 Recruitment of Students
7.3.3 Recruiting Post-doctoral Scholars
7.3.4 Recruiting Faculty
7.3.5 Recruiting Staff

7.4.1 Retention of Students
7.4.2 Retention of Faculty
7.4.3 Staff

7.5.1 Engaging ERC Participants at All Levels in DCI
7.5.2 Awareness and Training Activities

7.6.1 Annual Reports
7.6.2 Site Visits