Chapter 2: Center Leadership and Strategic Direction

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(rev. March 2014)

2.1.1 Directing an ERC: Basic Principles
2.1.2 Chapter Organization and Objectives

2.2.1 Creating the Vision
2.2.2 Pursuing the Vision: The Strategic Plan

2.3.1 Deciding How Much to Delegate
2.3.2 Staffing the Center
2.3.3 Developing and Maintaining a Diverse Team and a Climate of Success for All
2.3.4 Managing Research at the Interface of Disciplines
2.3.5 Acquiring Facilities
2.3.6 Some General Guidelines for Center Management
2.3.7 Evolving or Restructuring the Management Team

2.4.1 Recruiting for the Proposal Team
2.4.2 Recruiting for the Initial Center Team
2.4.3 Restructuring for Years 3 6
2.4.4 Restructuring for the Mature Center

2.5.1 Potential Funding Sources
2.5.2 The Director’s Role
2.5.3 Role of Center Staff

2.6.1 Range of Interactions
2.6.2 The IAB's Role in Strategic Planning
2.6.3 Agreements & Expectations
2.6.4 Meeting Industry's Needs and Expectations: How Far To Go?
2.6.5 Impact of Innovation Strategy on Member Companies

2.7.1 Leveraging University Resources
2.7.2 Relationships with the University Administration(s)
2.7.3 Relationships with Academic Departments
2.7.4 Relationships with Center Faculty
2.7.5 Inter-University Agreements
2.7.6 Communication Among the Lead and Partner Institutions

2.8.1 Purposes and Mechanisms
2.8.2 Academic Institutions
2.8.3 Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
2.8.4 University, State/Local Government Organizations Devoted to Entrepreneurship and Innovation

2.9.1 Establishing a Mutually Supportive Relationship
2.9.2 The Oversight Process

2.10.1 Graduation Planning
2.10.2 Restructuring the Relationship with Industry
2.10.3 Positioning the Center Within the University