Spinoff Technology: XUUS™ (eXtreme Ultraviolet Ultrafast Source)

Colorado State’s Extreme Ultraviolet ERC –The EUV ERC transferred its state-of-the-art high harmonic generation (HHG) source technology to KMLabs, Inc. in Boulder.  KMLabs used the technology to produce the first turnkey 30 nm EUV commercial laser system with their XUUS™ (eXtreme Ultraviolet Ultrafast Source) product. 

The XUUS system enables table-top nanoimaging and the study of ultrafast materials and molecular dynamics. Prototype XUUS systems are now in use at universities and national labs in the US and Europe, and commercial, fully-integrated systems have been installed for applications in magnetics and nanoscience, spectroscopy, and extreme nonlinear optics. The next generation of XUUS will allow metrology applications in the semiconductor industry.