Angela Perantoni


Angela Perantoni grew up near the Chesapeake Bay in Crofton, Maryland. As she learned about the water quality issues faced by the Chesapeake, she was determined to learn more about environmental issues especially as related to water quality. In 2015, Angela graduated with her B.S. in Environmental Science & Technology from the University of Maryland, College Park with minors in Spanish language, soil science, and sustainability studies. In her undergraduate she learned about the resilience of ecosystems and the services they provide, which spurred her interest in studying how natural systems could be used in an engineering context-the focus of her PhD work in Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. Angela specifically studies how wastewater-derived organic chemicals like pharmaceuticals are transformed or removed in wetlands, and has presented her work at several conferences including the American Chemical Society National Meeting. Outside of research, Angela is president of the ReNUWIt ERC’s student leadership council and serves actively on the ReNUWIt Diversity & Inclusion committee.


ReNUWIt student Angela Perantoni, 2019 Perfect Pitch Competition winner, receives congratulations from NSF's Assistant Director for Engineering, Dr. Dawn Tilbury, as ReNUWIt Education and Outreach Director Dr. Pamela McLeod looks on.