Graduated Centers (Self-sustaining)

Graduated Centers (Self-sustaining)

ERC for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere

CASA strives to Revolutionize our ability to observe, understand, and predict hazardous weather by creating distributed collaborative adaptive sensing (DCAS) networks that sample the atmosphere where and when end-user needs are greatest.

ERC for Extreme Ultraviolet Science and Technology

ERC EUV explores the development and application of compact coherent EUV sources with the objective of making EUV technology widely available to solve challenging scientific and industrial problems.

Center for Integrated Access Networks

CIAN strives to overcome the access aggregation bottlenecks of today's optoelectronic networks by integrating optoelectronic subsystems into an advanced optical network that will provide high data rates at low cost while supporting a wide range of end-user needs and applications.

Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications

Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications ERC develops fully controllable and tunable solid-state light sources that will enable energy savings through higher efficiency lighting sources and improved communication systems.