Model CIAN Partnerships with Sandia Draw More Industry Partners

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Several industrial partners have announced collaborations with Sandia National Labs to integrate software tools developed in cooperation with the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN), an Engineering Research Center (ERC) funded by the NSF and based at the University of Arizona. 


Growing and nurturing the silicon photonics eco-system continues to be a critical element of the United States technology efforts. The recent announcements by CIAN industrial partners to incorporate the Sandia software tools solidified the significance of the partnership between Sandia and CIAN, which has become a model for developing a US-based silicon photonics foundry.


PhoeniX Software (Enschede, Netherlands), a member of CIAN’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) announced their collaboration with Sandia National Labs, which will accelerate the impact of photonics on information, communication, and sensing technologies, including those in many national security applications.

The PhoeniX announcement came on the heels of another by IAB member Lumerical (Vancouver, BC) of its collaboration with Sandia to integrate Sandia’s process steps and CIAN building blocks into their modeling and simulation software.

Another CIAN IAB member, VPIPhotonics, initiated a collaboration with Sandia to incorporate Sandia’s processes into their design and simulator software, VpiPhotonics Design Suite.